Nailed To The Cross

Gerald Maxwell Rivera


Encourage Educate Empower

Jus Keepin It Real

Gerald Maxwell Rivera Happy Birthday On May 23rd & May You Be Blessed With Many More!!!
From One Artist To Another

*A Special Note To :Gerald Maxwell Rivera,  

Please do not allow the Negative Commentary Of "Some"
with Their Racist Remarks,
To Distract Nor Limit You From Achieving All The Positive 
Things You Are Accomplishing.
We are Very Proud & Appreciative of You,  & Enjoy Your Music!!!
As illustrated throughout Our Site with some of the music videos
of You that are displayed.

In Addition To The Music Video Of You Displayed Below,
Also Music Videos Of You On The 
Latest Magazine & Contact Page As Well.

Please Allow Any/All Videos Displayed Enough Time To Download.
Time May Vary Depending Upon The Speed & Browser You May Have
& Be Using

Gerald/Maxwell,  Please know that YOU Have An Open Invitation To 
Our Home/Art Gallery/Museum Whenever You May
Be In North Carolina.  Just Give Us A Call

You shall be able to Relax & Chill In PEACE.  Nikki will Hook Up 
Home Cooked Meal Too!!! (Smile)
GOD Bless & Thank You
Love Always,
Nikki & Terry