Nailed To The Cross

Gerald Maxwell Rivera


Encourage Educate Empower

Jus Keepin It Real

Nailed To The Cross
To Any & All Whom Are Doing Positive & Constructive Things 
w/The GOD Given Talent They Have & Been Blessed With,
Never Allow Anyone Nor Anything To Nail You To The Cross.
By Distracting Or Detering You From Fulfilling Your GOD Given Purpose.

In An Attempt To Place Upon & Burden YOU With
Whatever THEIR Own Hang Ups May Be.

Be It Jealousy, Envy, Bigotry, Racism, Or
Negativity In Any Shape, Form,  Or Fashion 

JESUS Has Already Paid The Price In Full

In CHRIST We Are Free & FREE Indeed!!!!!!

Below Is A Video Of A Program That Was Created, Produced, & 
Performed By The Hill's 1st Great Grandson, Jaydence Gooding,
& His Kindergarten Class & Elementary School.  

The Program Is About The Importance Of The Acceptance
Of Diversity & The Tremendous Value EVERYONE Brings To Our Society.

Jaydence Is 6 Yrs. Old & Seated In The Front Row Wearing 
The Black Suite Jacket.

Jaydence Portrays The Honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

The Hill's Are So Very Honored & Proud Of Jaydence's 
& His Classmate's Performance!!!!

Lft. - Jaydence Gooding

Rt. - T. Hill w/Ms. Bostic,
Jaydence's Kindergarten Teacher,
& Jaydence w/His Classmates