2012 DNC

Nikki's Family

T. Hill's Family


From Pope To Saint

T. Hill's Family
T. Hill's Aunts, Uncles, Siblings, Nieces,
Nephews, Wife 
All Having A Ball @ 1 Of Their Many
Family Gatherings

Some Of T. Hill's Children & Grandchildren

T. Hill building Castle's In The Sand
w/ Jaydence, The 1st Of His Now
4 Great Grandchildren

T. Hill w/His Family In His Home Town
Johnstown, PA. Having An Art Exhibition
@ The Moxem House Mansion

Nicole Hill "chillin" In The Back Of The Hill's Private Own Limo
 w/Shawn Piatek,  Who Is One Of The Top Newspaper Reporters with the
Johnstown Tribune-Democrat Newspaper
 In Johnstown, PA.

T. Hill w/Shawn,  Featuring 1 of the Many Articles
that The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat Has So Graciously & Magnificently
 Printed On Him, & About His
Original & Unique 3D Leather ONE-OF-A-KIND Master Pieces