2012 DNC

Nikki's Family

T. Hill's Family


From Pope To Saint

Memorable Moments
Lft. - T. Hill w/Mr. John Bennett
Who was coming from
Georgia, & heading up to
Washington, DC To
Attend Honorable President
Barack Obama's
2013 Inauguration!!!

Below - President Obama delivers his Powerful Acceptance Speech,  as well as Many Others whom delivered powerful speeches in support of President Obama & the democratic party, as masses of people look on in Hope leaning "Foward"!!!!
Below - T. Hill w/DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz 
*Important Message - Register To Vote & Let Your Voice Be Heard!!!
"If You Don't Stand Up For Something,  You Will Fall For Anything!!!"

Below - Hottest New Teen Music Group Sensation,
out of Orlando, Florida
"Limitless Five" Representing @ The 2012 DNC
giving their support for President Obama, while sharing w/others the pocketbook that T. Hill created!!!

Below - T. Hill sharing the pocketbook w/Some Of MSNBC Top Contributors/Commentators, Lft - Sam Stein, White House Correspondent & Huffington Post's Top Reporter,  Center - Richard Wolffe, Award Winning Journalist & Political Analyst, &  Rt - w/BBC World News, all of whom were extremely impressed by the incredible talent & the magnificent detailing involved

Rt - Diverse Crowd/ Multitudes Of People came from all over & all walks of life to witness, be apart of, & support the 2012 DNC!!!
Far Rt - MSNBC was Live On The Scene covering the 2012 DNC

Below Lft - T. Hill w/Mayor Francis G. Slay Of St. Louis, Missouri & Soultic Magazine President/CEO, Lawernce Long, Jr.
whom were @ the 2012 DNC representing & showing their support for President Obama, as well as, multitudes of Others.
The pocketbook definitely caught everyone's attention & made a lasting & powerful impression!