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Palmer Prevention, Inc.

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Palmer Prevention, Inc.'s over all objective is the prevention & elimination of drug & alcohol abuse. Especially amongst our youth, & also equipping them with the necessary tools to be successful in life.

Palmer Prevention, Inc. teaches our youth how to have fun in positive & constructive ways

The Hill's Support Palmer Prevention, Inc.'s
objectives & efforts 

T. Hill w/Far Lft. - Thomas G. Norton (Tommy),
the Executive Director Of Palmer Prevention, Inc.
Tommy is also The Executive Producer Of
Tom Cat Records

Lft. Dr. Ben Chavis, author of Crazy Like A Fox
Rt. - C. A. Maynor, Owner of Southern Interiors & Design

All of whom are avid supporters of Palmer Prevention, Inc.


Top Lft - T. Hill w/NC Senator Charles Graham,
whom has introduced a Bill to make synthetic cannabinoids illegal
Bill - H12 (e S9)

Center Lft. - T. Hill w/NC Senator Garland E. Pierce,
whom is a Supporter of Palmer Prevention, Inc.

Lower Lft. - T. Hill w/NC Senator G. L. Pridgen,
A Supporter of Palmer Prevention, Inc.

T. Hill w/1st Sgt. Freddy L. Johnson, Jr.  Troop "B" District 7 of the NC. Highway Patrol representing their support for Palmer Prevention, Inc.

T. Hill w/far Lft - Fire Dept. Chief & Town Commissioners Of Red Springs, NC.,
whom also share their support for Palmer Prevention, Inc.

Top Rt. - CBS Channel 13 was on the scene to capture a Palmer Prevention, Inc. Function

Lower Rt. - Theresa Blue, a World Renown Blues Artist & Composer for Tom Cat Records, is the love of Tommy's life.
She is also a photographer for Palmer Prevention, Inc.

Below : A Theresa Blue Video

T. Hill is often the Featured Visual Artist
@ many of the Palmer Prevention, Inc. Events.

The emphasis being on how to illustrate to our youth a way to express themselves in a creative manner through the arts

Conan Gasque, w/CBS Channel 13,  interviews T. Hill about his active role as a Father, Grandfather, & Great Grandfather

T. Hill shares how he mentors & monitors their behavior & progress, & teaches them to stay focused on achieving their goals & aspirations & not to succumb to negative influences
Lft. - T. Hill mentoring grandson,  Terrick Bryant, for a school project, as well as, for keeping the legacy alive. He is an up & coming very talented artist!

Below are Videos added that the Hill's
hope shall be helpful & useful