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Terrence T. Hill & Nicole Parker Hill
are currently Featured in SoulTic Magazine

SoulTic Magazine is Distributed Internationally
& comes out on a quarterly basis

Mr. Lawrence Long, Jr.  is The Founder, President/CEO
of The Magazine

SoulTic's overall objective is to raise one's level of awareness & to make & keep people
 cognizant of what's going on Internationally, & to initiate "critical thinking" in every & all aspects of our lives.

For more Information about Mr. Long, Jr. & SoulTic Magazine,
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Lft. - T. Hill w/Mr. Lawrence Long, Jr., President/CEO of SoulTic Magazine, &
Honorable Mayor John McNeill
@ The Hill's Home viewing T. Hill's latest Master Piece
& discussing SoulTic Magazine

T. Hill Lovingly Shares w/His Viewing Audience
During One Of Many Interviews

That The Maxwell Video..."Sumthin, Sumthin"
Depicts The Smoothe Moves He Had 
To Use To Even Approach Nikki
& The Music Video Buddy...Musiq Soulchild
Depicts How He Was Able To
Even Get Her Attention...
& How Once  He Was Able To Get Her Attention, 
How He was Able To Hold Her Attention 
& Win Her Heart...
The Woman Who Is The Love Of His Life.......

Nicole Lovingly Shares....

& How Over Time By Being Lovingly Persistent & Consistent......
Inevitably....Got Her To FINALLY Say...."I Do"  

T. Hill Lovingly Says......Yes Dear

The Interviewer Lovingly Says.....Wise Man (Smile) 

Below: A Surprise Dedicated To
My Hubby. I Love You!!!

Nikki Asks Hubby...
All I Wanna Know Is....
Can We Do A LiL Sumthin Sumthin
This Valentine's Day?

He Responds....
As "IF" You Even Have To Ask....
I Say....Uh Oh....He called my Bluff!!!!

Hava Mercy My Hubby Is Laughing So Hard!!!

But Hey...
Humor & Having  Fun Together
Is What Keeps Any Relationship Romantic & Exciting

The Ability To Struggle Together, As Well As, 
Be Happy Together

And To Truly "Enjoy, Appreciate,  & Respect" One Another
In The Process
Just A LiL Advice From 
"His"  Darling Nikki :-)

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!
Hubby Just Got Home & 
Brought Me.....
Roses! Stuffed Animal! Candy! Card! &
Going To Take Me Out For A Nice Romantic Dinner Too!!!

Woohoo....I Guess There Will Be A...LiL Sumthin Sumthin 
Going On Later... FOR REAL!!! ;-)

A Happy Valentine's Day To All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!