From Chains To Change

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The Gallery / T. Hill Takes Leather Art To New Dimensions
            "From Chains To Change"
Above: T. Hill's Latest Master Piece!!!

The picture composition depicts The Journey from Slavery To The White House.
T. Hill captures & immortalizes the trials, tribulations, obstacles, agony, & adversity
African Americans have endured & still face, yet inspite of it all,
have overcome the challenges brought before them & been able to persevere.

His desire is that this phenomenal creation may serve to both Enlighten & Encourage All,
& through understanding bring forth Healing & Hope.  

                                T. Hill is also Recognized & Respected as a Poet

                    Below: Video of T. Hill reciting the latest poem that he composed

                                              "The Endurance Of Blacks"

ION TV Received The Exclusive

Lft.- T. Hill w/Eric, The Producer & Host
Of "For The Record"

Which shall Feature
"From Chains To Change"

Below: are a few of the images highlighted within a portion of the picture's composition during the creative process.

T. Hill w/Honorable Rev. William J. Barber, II

The North Carolina NAACP President 


T. Hill w/Honorable National President
& CEO Of The NAACP, Kweisi Mfume