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NASA/Kennedy Space Center Picture Tributes
Above: The Challenger,  Apollo,  & Columbia Crew Picture Tribute

T. Hill created 2 picture tributes to honor the NASA/ Kennedy Space Center Astronauts

1st Anniversary of the Columbia Space Shuttle demise
 T. Hill presents the Master Piece to honor them
to Dr. Woodrow Whitlow, Jr., whom is the 1st & only African American Deputy Director of NASA/Kennedy Space Center.  This picture resides @ NASA'S Protocal Office

T. Hill presents the Master Piece (Located @ the Top of this Page) consisting of All 17 NASA/Kennedy Space Center Astronauts to Mr. Mauk, whom is Program Design Specialist.
This Master Piece titled "Welcome Home" resides @ NASA'S Museum

T. Hill w/ Honorable NC. Congressman Mike McIntyre & Honorable NASA/Kennedy Space Center Astronaut William S. McArthur

T. Hill sharing the Master Pieces to honor the Astronauts with some Scientist from Israel, & some Family Members of the deceased Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon of the STS - 107 Columbia Crew, who was that Nation's 1st Astronaut.