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9/11 Tribute
Above: Twin Tower Tribute - One of several picture tribute compositions created to honor the many Heroes whom gave their Life on that tragic day

9/11  1st Anniversary - In Sept. of 2002,  the Hill's presented 4 picture tribute compositions in New York City that reside there now as permanent memorials.  Ladder 24 /  Engine 1  received 3 Master Pieces.  Lft.  - LT. DiLorenzo & Rt. - Capt. Atlas accepting & presenting the Hill's with a Letter Of Appreciation on behalf of the F.D.N.Y.

9/11   1st Anniversary - T. Hill presents 1 picture tribute composition to Father Madigan of New York City's oldest Catholic Perish, St. Peter, to honor Father Mychal Judge,  or "Father Mike" as he was affectionately called, whom met his demise in the line of duty when struck by falling debris during collaspe @ WTC while giving last rites to a Firefighter.  

The Hill's had the honor & privilege of meeting 4 of the 8 Surviving Police Officers in the World Trade Center tragedy.  The Officer's experience of being rescued was later documented & made into a Movie.
Above: Ground Zero - The Hill's feel the out pour of love from people all over the world while visiting the Site during the 1st Anniversary. 

Rt. - The Hill's w/ Canadians, whom were glad that they were able to help & be gracious Host on that tragic day

T. Hill receives 1st of 3 Letter's Of Appreciation from Honorable Mayor Marshall Pitts on behalf of the City of Fayetteville,  North Carolina,  for his many magnificent art contributions.

Sept. 11,  2005 -  Camp Lejeune received a steel beam from the World Trade Center as a permanent memorial.  The Hill's were invited to attend the Ceremony & share their art.

Sept. 11, 2007
T. Hill commemorates  the 6th Anniversary of 9/11 @ the Chatham County Fair during an Art Exhibition/Lecture

Top - Honorable Police Officers, Sheriff, & Fire Marshall Thomas Bender

Center - Honorable Mayor Randolph Voller Town Of Pittsboro

Bottom - Honorable County Commissioner Carl Thompson

Sept. 11, 2007 
Top - Mrs. Marjorie Ellison, Chairperson/Coordinator of the Chatham County Fair, during the 6th Anniverary to commemorate 9/11, is Presented with an Authentic "T. Hill Collection" custom pocketbook created in her & her husband's likeness immortalized in 3D Leather.

Center - Chatham County Fair

Bottom - Mr. Jospeh Ellison, Project Manager @ UNC Chapel Hill University, Coordinator of the Art Exhibit/Lecture held on Campus during the 6th Anniverary to commemorate 9/11

T. Hill w/ North Carolina Fire Fighters,  sharing his support & respect for Fire Fighters & Police Officers worldwide.