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Military Tribute
The Honorable Terrence Hill A.K.A. The World's Most Famous 3D Leather Artist, as well as, a Proud Military Veteran,  w/ The Honorable United States Secretary Of Defense,  Major General Lloyd J. Austin III, who also became the 1st African American to become appointed Commanding General of the 18th Air borne Corps @ Ft. Bragg, NC.  

T. Hill's current ongoing artistic project is creating a series of picture tribute compositions to honor Service Men & Women in each USA Military Branch. The over all theme is Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom. Each Master Piece within the series shall be given an individual title.

When one may ask why T. Hill is creating Master Pieces to honor each branch of the U.S. Military, he replies passionately,  "The only thing that separates us is our uniform.  We are fighting for the same cause, Freedom, Justice, & Liberty for All!"

The 1st picture tribute composition within the series was to honor the Marines, titled "For Honor, For Courage, For Country" 
Below is the picture during the creative process;
1). T. Hill w/ young Marines,  whom are thrilled to know that we all appreciate them. 
2). T. Hill w/ Sgt. Jason W. Wagner,  whom recently returned from Iraq,  & is very honored to know that we all respect & support their efforts. 
3).  T. Hill w/ Honorable Major Paul J. Smith,  whom also recently returned from Iraq,  & is honored that we all acknowledge their contribution of Service & Sacrifice. 
Honorable Major Smith was also present during the Presentation Ceremony.

The picture tribute composition to honor the Marines was presented to Camp Lejeune on May 2,  2005.
1).  The Master Piece titled " For Honor, For Courage, For Country." 
2).  Honorable Col. William A. Meir,  accepting for the Base,  & presenting the Hill's with a Letter & Certificate Of Appreciation. 
3).  The Hill's w/ Honorable Commanding Major General Robert C. Dickerson of the U.S. Marine Corps. 
The Hill's receive a 2nd Letter Of Appreciation from Honorable President George W. Bush.

Below: The 2nd picture tribute composition within the series was to honor the Army, presented to FT. Bragg, NC. on Nov. 30th of 2007  
1). Lft. - The Master Piece, titled "Faces Of Heroes" 
2). Center. - Honorable COL. Fox, the Garrison Commander, accepts on behalf of Honorable General Austin & Fort Bragg, & presents T. Hill w/ a Statue of Iron Mike (One of the Highest Honors One may Receive as Appreciation for their Contribution), as well as, presents Nicole Parker Hill w/ an Award Of Excellence
3). Rt. - Honorable Billy Joe Farmer, Town Manager of Red Springs, NC. present the Hill's with a Proclamation Letter Of Appreciation, on behalf of Honorable Mayor Paris & the Town of Red Springs

Lft. - Vicky Lee, the Director of FT. Bragg Public Affairs, was instrumental in coordinating the picture presentation ceremony. The Event was extremely rewarding, everyone was appreciative & receptive to the amazing art contribution
Rt. - Martha Brown, the Program Mananger of Deployment & Mobilization, in the building of the Division of Morale, Welfare & Recreation XVIII Airborne Corps & Fort Bragg, where the Master Piece shall reside for All Soldiers to See

Above: While in Augusta, GA. for the James Brown 50th Anniversary International Visual Art & Music Festival,  T. Hill also wanted to  incorperate honoring our fine Service Men & Women @ FT. Gordon, therefore, he created & presented FT. Gordon with the Master Piece titled "Freedom Has A Price.
Lft. - 1).  Marla Jones, Director of Public Affairs,  whom was instrumental in providing images for the composition,  & coordinating the Presentation Ceremony,  Mr. Bob Anzonir, the Museum Curator,  whom accepted on behalf of FT. Gordon. 
Center - 2).  A Certificate Of Appreciation from Honorable General Randolph P. Strong,  the Commander of FT. Gordon.  
Rt. - 3).  T. Hill being interviewed by NBC's Top Anchor,  John,  whom was impressed by the picture's texture & intricate detail.

T. Hill w/Honorable General Via

New Addition To The Gallery!!!>
Shaka Zula
Title: Heart Of A Lion
Shaka the Zulu King
had a mystic about him that
still lives on today.
His brilliant battle tactics were
revolutionary for those days
and his thirst for revenge
frightening. He is one of the
most famous South Africans
ever to have lived.
The study of military history is
very important to the strategies,
objectives, & offenses used in
combat.  By studying military
history, the United States Armed
Forces can correct errors & flaws
that existed in previous battle plans.