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Various Churches, Schools,  & Civic Organizations Invite/Sponsor the Hill's
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The Hill's sharing Their Testimony & Artistic Contribution
 @ Church Functions



Lft. - T. Hill has Students captivated as he shares his creative process. 

Rt. - T. Hill presents to the Vice Principal & Art Instructor a "Blue Jay," which is the School's Mascot.

T. Hill during a speaking engagement/art exhibit before a Civic Organization,  has the audience's total & complete undivided attention, & places emphasis on how important it is
to always "give back

Above: LT. - T. Hill during an Art Exhibit @ The 5th Annual End Of Life Conference, 
sponsored by Robeson County End Of Life Coalition

Center - T. Hill w/ Dr. Khan / RT. - T. Hill receives an Award Certificate from Anne Ogesby,  of the Lumber River Council of Government

Lft. - T. Hill w/The Suave Entrepreneur 
DJ Swoop
T. Hill often Exhibits Art
@ DJ Swoop's 
various Functions

If You are looking for
a fresh & exciting approach
to entertaining Guest for
Any/All Occasions/Events   

Please Visit & Contact DJ Swoop  

For Parties, Wedding Receptions,
Karaoke, Fund Raisers, &/or
Equipment Rental

Thank You For Visiting. GOD Bless You. Sincerely, Terrence & Nicole Hill

T. Hill & Nicole From Back In The Day

& Still Going & Growing STRONG!!!

The Hill's Attribute Their Longevity To Their Faith

Keeping GOD Always @ The Head Of Their Lives

In Doing So,  "Everything" Else Falls Into

Its Proper Perspective....

GOD Is Good Allll The Time

Let The Church Say ...AMEN!!!

More Insight About The Hill's Relationship 

In Addition To The 2 Videos
Displayed Below Which Depicts
The Love & Admiration The
Hill's Have For Each Other

The Hill's Theme Song That
Describes The Passion 
Between Them

Is By Maxwell & Alicia Keys 
"The Fire We Make"  (Smile)

Anytime/Everytime  you desire to give that  "Unique Gift"  to that Special Someone...Think "T.Hill Classics"