Description & Brief Bio
    "Internationally Renown Premier 3D Leather Artist"
Terrence T. Hill


The canvas/medium is leather.  The images are all 3 dimensional.  What earned T.Hill his title & differentiates him from other talented leather artists is his unique & original technique.  A technique which is unsurpassed.  EVERYTHING is done by hand.  Nothing is carved,  nor is a mold used to achieve this effect.  He is considered to be a Leather Sculptor.  He uses tiny spoons,  then stretches & pulls the leather to the exact depth desired/required.  

A special formula is placed on the art to protect it from the elements , prevent/limit the amount of shrinkage,  & to preserve it in its natural state.
  T. Hill is noted for his intricate detailing,  & has a "Gift" for being able to capture current events & engrave them in history!  T. Hill has dedicated his time & talent to giving back to society.  His endless artistic contributions have made a powerful impression & earned him National & International acclaim.  "The Legend" continues... the Technique is passed on within the family.  *(All Portraits/Pictures come with a Certificate Of Authenticity, are Numbered, & of Limited Edition).

Lft. - T. Hill Passing On The Legacy
To Granddaughter Tamea Smith

T. Hill initially developed & perfected his technique so the Visually Impaired could "See through Touch."  He encourages everyone to interact & feel the  emotion involved.  That is where the Power of his Master Pieces have their greatest impact!-->

Normally as T. Hill immortalizes any image & brings it to "Life"
he does not color nor dye the leather. 
Leather is skin, & typically when colored by using a dye
may chip/peel & depreciate.

However for those whom may desire 3D Leather Art/Items
in "Living Color,"  he has collaborated w/world renown artist 
"Kallie," who has a new & improved method to fulfill that desire via laytex ink airbrush,  which is more durable than the old method of using a dye.
Special Note: Stones/Jewels may now also be added

CBS Filming T. Hill During The Creative Process

Nicole Parker Hill
/CEO Of T. Hill Classics Art Ministry 
& Of This Site

T. Hill's Late Grandparents, Sam & Geogia Hill

T. Hill's Mother, Majorie M. Hill-Fails, 
The Late Great Jazz Blues Singer
A.K.A. "Sweet Geogia Brown"
Who later became a Top Evangelist
& Civil Rights Activist Fighting For
Justice & Equality For All.

This Entire Site Is Dedicated To GOD, 
T. Hill's Grandparents, Mother, Wife, 
& " All The Beautiful Strong Women"  
& People That Have Made A Powerful Impact In His Life
& Aided Him Evolving Into Being
 "The BeautifulStrong Man"
 That He Has Become & Is!!!

A Loving, Supportive, Present & Representing
Husband, Father, Grandfather, & Great Grandfather,

Which Is Actually The Greatest Legacy
 Any/All "REAL" Men Could Ever
 Pass On & Down To Future Generations!!!!